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16-Aug-2016 01:02

You don't hang out with her or anything." In hindsight, though, Katya -- pronounced "Kah-Tee-Yah," not "Kotcha," which she quickly corrected upon our meeting -- has a better understanding of the superstar.

For future contestants, she has clear-cut suggestions for interacting with the legend.

Known as "The Barn" because of its distinctive look, the College Avenue Gymnasium is the home site for all Scarlet Knights wrestling and volleyball matches.

A capacity crowd of 1,200 fans, who are right on top of the action, serve a dual purpose - to inspire the Scarlet Knight team and to create an intimidating atmosphere for RU opponents.

Grab your reading glasses, because the library is open. With the eighth season, how do you keep things fresh? And because it's like a school, we get a new crop of kids every single year — that's how it stays fresh. These are the kids who grew up watching it, and their whole drag aesthetic comes from the show. And we knew this would come if we stayed on the air long enough — we'd see what we produced in the public. Has that given you a chance to take a step back and reflect on what you've created on the show? I only even entertain those ideas when I'm talking to someone like you, from the press, and they ask me. I do understand we've launched the careers of 100 queens, which is really the most important part of our job. Because the kids are so courageous and their stories are so rich, they bring such a unique story every single time.

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According to Katya, she was shaken to find New York's Miss Fame also competing."It After facing elimination in the second episode of the series -- in which she seriously flubbed a lip-sync in "The Glamazon Airlines" challenge -- Katya has regained her footing and quickly become a standout.

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