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02-Sep-2016 10:12

But obviously it can't be like regular milk, there must be some scary irradiating, DNA-altering process that makes the milk in the bottle safe to keep unrefrigerated for months, and still be able to sit & have a happy healthy Frappuccino.Anyhow, so should I take the risk or be boring and safe? I am Michael Jacobson, Executive Director of the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI).CSPI is a non-profit consumer-advocacy organization that focuses on nutrition, food safety, and alcohol issues and is supported by our one million members.Spindel's fees range from ,000 to upwards of 0,000 depending on the service her client selects.Carly's clients are men and women, and her fees range from ,000 to 0,000.The problem is, those dates don't mean what you think they do.

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A basic understanding of what terms are used can help you to better understand these labels.The milk with next month's date may not be fresher than the carton with next week's date.

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