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07-Aug-2016 07:55

They are gentlemen, scholars and “relationship-minded” (been there, played that, ready for the next phase). She even tries to set me up with a third fellow, who (due to my travel schedule) makes a date with me two weeks in advance, but texts me the day before: “Julia, hey, this is [redacted]. I’m sorry to get back to you on such short notice, but I am not going to be able to meet tomorrow. I’ve had actual boyfriends who haven’t been that conscientious.

Basically, I went out on a date with someone late last week, and saw her again this week. At the end of my dates, I ask Amy if the guys had any feedback.

What is wrong with saying something as honest and as heartfelt as that?

I call women on this all the time on dates, and they are speechless, because they know I have caught them in a lie.

I would have paid this guy to f—k me, I would have paid him good money.

"He wound up being like an insane alcoholic and, uh, that's my thing.

Speaking further about the effect the shooting had on her, Schumer said: “Knowing it was my movie, and […] that they went and they bought tickets and wanted to go see this movie, it just crushed me.

I felt so powerless and it felt a little bit like something that I had done, that there was a connection to me actually hurting people.” "[...] I didn't really know how to react. I watched the news that whole night, I was just f***ing f***ed up by it." Since the shooting Schumer has become an outspoken advocate of tighter gun ownership laws and sat in the front row to watch President Obama give an emotional speech on the issue at the White House in January.

Once we were both sober, we talked and he told me (again) that he wasn’t sure about being a couple. I have been content with this, but recently several friends have told me that Steve talks about having feelings for me when he is drunk. Should we have a conversation about our feelings again? You interpret your friends’ statements and his mixed-messages to mean that he is coming on to you, and so you dive in. If he is interested in you, he is going to have to deal with you directly.

DEAR CONFUSED: If you tried to drunkenly kiss “Steve” and he didn’t drunkenly kiss you back, then he is not attracted to you.

Amy is from Glendale, California, as revealed by Sheldon in "The Weekend Vortex".