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Things take a big turn though when Zoey downloads a magical app that gives her the ability to control boys! Then take a look at this brand new behind-the-scenes video, which includes a few short clips from the movie and the stars talking about their dream apps. Will you watch the movie’s premiere this Friday, June 27?

), an online data marketing assistant (even he doesn’t know what that is), finds himself abruptly transported to a parallel world. There he meets the owner, a former warrior called Herman (Louis Emerick – ).

It’s even worse than being an online data marketing assistant.

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The authority figures of the high school make frequent references to sex, have and discuss casual sex, and sneak drinks of alcohol while on the job. Jocks try to fight the lead characters, but end up punching themselves in the face due to one of the lead character's telekinetic powers.

Comedic pratfall violence -- characters knocked in the head with watermelons, smacked in the face with flying bras. Exposed male buttocks, "mooning" someone from their car.

is a 1982 teen sex comedy in which Scott Baio plays a nerdy science whiz who creates a potion that gives him telekinetic powers.

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A new high school, a new step-dad, three annoying stepbrothers and their misbehaved dog = a recipe for disaster.

My relationship with dating apps had become characterized by frustration, loneliness, and insecurity, which was being manifested by this vicious rel-APPS cycle.

There was an inner voice screaming at me to download all of my dating apps fed off of the attention I was getting from the men and women I spoke to.

"It's okay for you to show that you're interested," he says. "Guys are just as much invested, if not more, than girls are.

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"99.9 percent of the time, the guy wants to kiss the girl." Plus, you know how when you like a guy you think about him a million percent of the time? You care, unless you have no soul or something."Where you'll find him when he's not on set: Spencer loves music and listening to new bands.

One of the lead characters has implied sex with an adult high school administrative assistant on her desk.